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Liska Studio

Custom Handcrafted Furniture


About Us

Marcelo Liska, Founder 

I grew up in the family carpentry business in Argentina, where both my father and grandfather were cabinet makers and furniture carpenters. My earliest memories are sitting near my grandfather in his workshop, watching him create and learning skills from him. 

I have spent over 30 years perfecting my craft in Argentina, Spain and the United States. I work independenlty from my studio in Los Angeles, and collaborate directly with clients or through design professionals to bulid one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furniture. 


At Liska Studio, my team and I are passionate about creating exceptional, handcrafted furniture that elevates any space. Furniture making is both art and science and we pour our passion and expertise into each meticulously crafted piece. Our dedication to quality is unwavering and we use only the finest materials to ensure our work stands the test of time and is treasured by our clients for many years to come.  



Our portfolio showcases a selection of furniture we have created recently. Each piece embodies the perfect fusion of artistic vision and functional elegance and reflects our emphasis on extraordinary craftsmanship and care.


Immerse yourself and enjoy the diverse range, where innovation meets tradition. See how our furniture designs can transform your environment into a true reflection of your unique style and sophistication.

“I hired Marcelo a few times to make some custom furniture.
I was delighted with the results.
He's a true craftsman and he was a pleasure to work with."

Mark L, CA

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